one family vehicle?

Since we really only use one vehicle regularly, Andy & I are thinking about just having one family vehicle. Thoughts?
The hardest decision will be deciding which one to keep, or if we should invest in something in-between the two. In all honesty, both Andy & I would love to get a black Rav4 since it's small enough for me to drive but big enough to transport animals and stuff while traveling. I guess I have a few months to figure it all out... fingers crossed that nothing more goes wrong with either vehicle until then.


Happy Bestie Day!

So, I just saw that today is Bestie Day on Hello Giggles  in a post by Zooey Deshanel, who is one of my favorite actresses.

So, I want to dedicate this post to Er, my best friend since 6th grade.  17 years ago? Really?! Either way, I'm so lucky to be friends with someone like her, & I'm so happy she's put up with all my dorkiness & drama over the years. Can't wait to see your new place & see your face!
 Here we are in Nola this summer

This semester is wrapping up, and I'm exhausted! This is us on our last day of classes for our first semester of Ph. D programs:

I have two papers due on Monday and a final due on Tuesday, but after that, we'll be Louisiana bound! I'm so excited to see all our lovely friends! :)