I have only lived in this apartment 6 months now, but within the first month, I had this place filled with ideas that I came across on Pinterest. 

Here is how I created my own Heart shaped collage for less than $10 with free printables and the Clips frames from Ikea.

At the time of our last move, I kept seeing heart shaped photo collages around in Pinterest, like this one:
the source I found it on suggests that it came from Click it Up a Notch
From this image, I hatched the plan that I wanted my own for our living room.  I am really into typography and graphic art, so I scoured my Pinterest for free printables.
Every so often (if you sign up for coupon codes from Walgreens and CVS), they send you 20-50 free prints, depending on how generous those companies are feeling.  I started collecting print outs in the conviently free 4x6 formart over time until I had accumulated more than enough (I'll have a post another day about my picture display in my bedroom using those & some of my wedding pictures).  

After, I arranged the backs of the picture frames on my table until I came up with an arrangement that I liked (which, actually, is different from the one I have on my wall now).  After, I took some paper and marked on there where half of the holes should be. 

Instead of using nails, which would be sturdy, but also noisy and cumbersome, I used some left over push pins.  The pictures aren't as straight and neat looking as some of you would probably prefer because of these pushpins, but I knew this would just be temporary anyway (our lease was only for 8 months).  

I taped the paper, then put the pushpins in.  After getting a few in, I realized that I didn't want to tear the paper up so I can use it for the other half, too (that way it would end up being symetric), so I had to find a different plan.  

After a little investigation, I realized that even if I took out the pushpins, I can still see the holes made from the originals (it helped that the apartment had no holes or anything in the way beforehand), so I just used one push pin to mark all of the holes onto the wall, then put the push pins after the paper was taken off and put onto the other side.  I used the middle ones to hold up the overlap of the paper, and repeated this process for the other side.  

Honestly, the whole project only took an hour or two to complete after I had all of my images already.

While my own rendition of this may not look as professional as the other that I found on Pinterest,
 it fits the eclectic style in our apartment, and I know this makes us smile often.

Some of the printables can be found on  101 Pretty Printables Free or within the blogs that it features.

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