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I'm constantly scouring Pinterest for healthy and yummy recipes, when I came across this:
My pin from Pinterest, which should lead back to the original source
We tried this for dinner late last night after getting an envie for tacos, and it was both very quick and delicious!

Back in May, we made tacos for our friends for my (late) birthday party, and I found these great Carb Balance tortillas from Mission:
 However, I'm not really that crazy about ground meat in my soft tacos. When I came across this, I knew this would be a great alternative, but it ended up being even more delicious than expected!
Instead of cutting the tortillas, I left them at their full size, and instead I just folded it a bit.  This way it had some extra space so my hubs could as more toppings, like avocados, pico de gallo, red onions, etc.  I left mine plain (well, I added a little extra cheese).

It tasted like "Taco rings" (which are made on a pizza stone- you create a ring with the dough from crescent rolls, stuff some taco meat and cheese on there, then fold up the other part of the triangle), but it wasn't as carb heavy.

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