Oh, Summertime...

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Actually, I must say we had some awesome adventures so far this summer that are not in the world of academia for a change.

We went to a music festival in Gulfport with some friends where we enjoyed a weekend of playing on the beach, gambling at the casinos, and listening to some great performances, including Maroon 5. Overall, it was awesome!

We also spent some time visiting family in Texas and apartment hunting, which was interesting.  We spent the better part of a day trip to the Dallas area (where we're moving) just trying to discover the city we're moving to and enjoy the view.

While my husband was on his last first day at this university, I went to Grand Isle beach the other day as a girls day trip, and we had an amazing time.  Even though I have lived "down the bayou" for most of my life, I have only been there once before as a preteen.  It was surprisingly nicer than what it's reputation is, but I would still rather go to Gulf Shores or Destin.  However, thanks to this lovely trip, I've been suffering all week with a terrible sunburn.  I have extremely fair skin (I am a natural blonde, even though I've spent the greater part of this year as a red head), so I am in love with both sunscreen and after sun lotion.  Actually, I usually do not go in the sun for long periods because I don't tan at all. I know all the dangers of skin cancer, and I KNOW better.  However, after only 3 hours in the sun, parts of my skin was almost purple. :(

Finally, yesterday, we spent the day in Nola acting like tourists, which was sooooo fun.  We went with some people that we're lucky enough to consider both family and friends, and a great time was had by all.  We rode the trolly (even if it was only for two stops and a few pictures), walked for hours, played on the slot machines for a bit, and ran through the rain. I'm so glad we got a chance to do that this summer!

I'm very hopeful that the rest of this summer will be good times with great friends and family<3

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